Prospective Member Letter

Prospective Member Letter

Dear Prospective Member:

We are very pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of Valley Heights Community Church. We hope you will find our membership process helpful in informing you of the commitments and responsibilities our members have to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Scriptures, Valley Heights Community Church, and to one another.

To assist you in the membership process we are providing this information packet which contains a number of important items which we request that you review and complete:

  • Purpose and Activities and strategies of the Church
  • Biblical & Practical Reasons for Local Church Membership
  • Our Bylaws (which includes our doctrinal statements)
  • The Believer’s Commitments
  • Statement of Doctrinal Agreement
  • Membership Application

Please take as much time as you need to review the materials. We expect that you will have questions or will want to discuss some of the information provided, and we encourage that. The elders are available to assist you in the membership process and to answer your questions.

Once you have read and completed the materials listed above and your questions have been answered, the elders will review your application. Soon afterwards, one or two of the elders will meet with you to clarify any remaining questions they might have in turn for you and discuss our recommendation concerning your membership.

The entire process may take a few weeks or a few months depending on each prospective member’s situation and circumstances. Please remember that our intent is always to be considerate of your concerns and at the same time faithfully communicate to you what our church believes, practices and teaches.

Once again, we are glad that you are considering membership in Valley Heights Community Church. As you seek God’s direction as a member with us, we will be praying for you and are available to assist you.

On behalf of our members,

The elders of Valley Heights